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What is The SoulKeeper?

Welcome to a dark world, filled with moral complexity, where your actions determine the outcome.

Experience it through different playable characters, each with their own story and internal conflicts. Utilize different gameplay mechanics with each character. Meet different personalities through your encounters with the multiple and diverse civilizations.

Travel the vast lands of thi s expansive universe by land, air and sea. Spend as much, or as little time as you want, shaping up the story, the way you want, in the first ever Open World Episodic Action RPG.

Welcome to a new reality.
Welcome to world of The SoulKeeper.

Imagine you could walk through a portal to a fantastic world, where you encountered a dragon, twenty times your size. Embark on an adventure with Ulvar, the strong willed Baknochtarn mercenary, in a quest to discover forgotten treasure in an ancient temple built for dragon worshipping. Live through this first person experience, while you traverse a detailed environment of intrigue and mystery.

This VR Demo experience will soon be available for download, stay tuned!


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